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Restorative Procedures

Aesthetic Dentistry is designed to enhance the appearance of the teeth and smile.  Since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” this type of dentistry is highly personalized, artistic and creative.  Aesthetic Dentistry varies from simple procedures which render results in an hour, to complex treatments which may take several appointments to complete.  Particularly with regard to addressing complex issues such as crooked, misshapen, missing or badly damaged teeth, Aesthetic Dentistry should also never take precedence over dental health.

Restorative procedures available from the Center for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry include crowns and bridges, tooth-colored fillings, dental implants, dentures, and full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you want to rejuvenate a worn smile and correct an unbalanced bite, full mouth restoration can be a great solution.

All on Four

All on 4 is an innovative and technologically advanced procedure that provides a functional, beautiful smile that you never have to take out.


Well-made dentures can enhance a smile in the same way that porcelain veneers do.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are caps that protect teeth that have had cracks, large fillings, or root canals.

Dental Implants

An implant is a small titanium post that is placed into the bone, replacing the root of a missing tooth.

Tooth Colored Fillings

With advances in dental technology, there is no longer a need to use silver fillings.